Website Options Descriptions/Details

Take the opportunity from the start to increase your enquiries which will result in a stronger sales conversion rate. There are a number of options for you to select from and they are available for selection on the ‘Build-a-Quote’ page, some are self-explanatory and for others that need a bit more detail, herewith the information in alphabetical order options;

Complexity – This really depends on what you are looking to achieve from your website. Generally, the more information you can provide in as few words as possible is the better option because visitors will get bored very quickly. Some businesses can use the Traditional or Advanced style site very efficiently but then there are those that are directed by how their competition sites present and the level of information they offer. This means you have to create your site with a high intensity of information but without having multiple pages of confusion which can cause the visitor to throw their hands in the air and go elsewhere. Scenarios such as that whereby we do not know what your particular situation is, make it difficult for us to provide an accurate example of each complexity level. However, if it can be of any help and, as a very broad example of our levels, here are some indicative sites (click on the Complexity Example to see the layout);


Form Filler – These are an online option which makes it easy for visitors/clients to send you info without having to spend long periods trying to put in words what they want. You will tell us the questions you need answers to and where practicable, offer multi-choice answers for the user to select one. We will load it onto the site in a format which will allow the user to type directly onto the site and when completed, click the submit button and you will receive an email of the details they have completed. This is a great way to get the information from your client without making demands on their time which results in a happy client and may well be the one that closes the sale for you at the start. A standard Form Filler is up to 35 Questions (with or without multiple choice answers). Another use for Form Fillers are Quote Forms which are much the same as the Form Filler but seeking information in more detail to enable you to provide an estimate or quote based on information supplied. A standard Quote form also allows for up to 35 Questions.

Layouts – To make your site looks good there needs to be a flow through theme. But, this doesn’t mean having all the pages the same layout. Our recommendation as a minimum  is to have the HOME page as a unique layout, the CONTACT US page with a basic layout displaying your contact details together with a ‘quick fill’ enquiry box which encourages visitors to send you an enquiry and, a separate layout style for your inner pages (About Us, Services, etc)

Logo – A professional logo is really a ‘must have’. People will notice a logo and also see that you have had one designed for you. Clip Art logos are a thing of the past and give a very poor first impression of your business.

Management – Hosting is something every website must have to be ‘live’ on the internet. We offer a service that includes FREE connectivity support in the unlikely event your website goes offline. Then there is the upkeep of your site and it is a fact that everybody out there is busy and time after time we see our clients pages are outdated and not receiving fresh articles and/or images. For one, the Search Engines love to see updates and ranks them higher than ‘stale’ sites. And secondly, your client both current and potential, like to see up to date information. As we said, time is a premium to us all, so for that reason we offer a variety of annual packages that allow you to send over images and articles which we can load at no extra cost. Other packages include us keeping your Facebook & Google Business pages up to date, updating your Gallery photos and writing/posting articles to forums.

Marketing – Having a website is a great tool but only if it is used correctly. The sure way to make instant use of it is to have your services and products displayed in images so that when you are talking to a potential client, you can refer them to a particular image on your site so they can see what you are talking about. For marketing purposes however, simply having a site doesn’t mean you are going to show on page one of a Google search for your products. As with any service, it needs to be marketed. You need to let the people know you have a website and the first thing that you can do is to put your website address on your vehicles, business cards, emails, promotional flyers and of course, have your email address at your website Domain Name i.e.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and that way, people will realise you have a website. What we can do for you is,  1) submit your site to a range of Search Engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to let them know there is a new website and so they can index it for searching,  2) register your site onto selected Directories so that they too can show your site for relevant searches when people are looking for your services,  3) write short articles and press releases then post them to blogs and forums to get your website address out into the internet world.

Optimised for Mobile – There is now a higher percentage of people using mobile devices such as SmartPhones, iPads and Tablets to view websites and whilst a website will look great on your computer screen, it will not look as good on a smaller different shaped screen. Having your site optimised to suit all screens is a recommended option.

Pages – Decide upon the number of pages you would like. For most websites the basic pages are; HOME/ABOUT US/SERVICES/GALLERY/CONTACT US. You may want to consider adding extra pages as dropdown menus for your different services to keep a page for each service or a Testimonials page noting comments made by your clients.

Reference Items – The main aim is to ensure your website can answer at least the most common queries which may pop into a visitors mind when they are viewing your information. You DO NOT want them to leave your site to search for answers elsewhere because there is a high likelihood that they will forget how to get back to your site. The answer is to insert relevant and informative links to places such as online encyclopaedias, government websites, council rules & regulations etc and… have them open in a new page but always keep your website on the visitors computer. Another worthwhile addition to any website is to have a link to your catalogue of brochure. We can load your item into the website backend and display a simple link such as ‘Download Our Catalogue Here’ or an image of the item with an instruction underneath along the lines of ‘Click the image to Download’. If required, we can upgrade that so as to have the visitor fill in their email and/or contact details before they can download which will create a new potential customer base for you to send newsletters and updates to.

Referral Form – This is a short form that a visitor can use to refer your website to another person. Maybe for a particular service you offer or because they think the other person could use your services overall, etc. There are various options we can add but generally the visitor will load in their name and the name & email address of the person they want to receive the referral. Your website will then send out an automatic email to that person with a brief note (which can be customised) along the lines of “John Smith thought you may be interested in the content of this website” together with your website address/link.

Search – This function is very useful for visitors only wanting to know what you have to offer in regards to a specific keyword or product. For instance, if you are a builder and they are looking for a new deck or an extension they can type in either of those keywords and the articles containing those words will instantly show. Time is of the essence for us all and this feature makes the visitor feel comfortable on your website.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is an essential element employed to increase the internet exposure of your website. In a nutshell, it is the process of telling Search Engines such as Google, Bing, etc that your website is now active on the internet together with listing your site on reputable directories, posting useful articles and blogs, then keeping them updated. There are a myriad of systems and ideas available to developers with each one being part of the other to complete the 'circle' of optimisation. This means that no single SEO exercise will have a noticeable effect on your website internet presence. There are many telesales people and spam mailers out there who will try to tell you different and even promise it in writing ... but the fact remains that when you type in a search word related to your business, you will see hundreds of thousands of indexed websites returned all of which are targeting that key word in full or part. BUT, there are only 10 spots available on that first page and all of those other sites have been 'live' on the net long before yours has, plus of course, they also want to be in the top 10 spots on page one ... right? So, please be very weary of those 'promises'. In the past there was an opportunity to get a website up to page one fast, that is now referred to as 'Black Hat SEO' and Search Engines such as Google are rapidly stamping that out by continuing to develop their software to find sites that display even the slightest use of the Black Hat method and will then penalise that site by removing it from their search indexation entirely, or at best, show it on the last page of over a hundred thousand pages. We offer an honest White Hat SEO service and the only thing we can genuinely promise is that we will do what we say and work hard at it. As I said, there are ways to promote your website the correct way and that is what we offer.

Slide Show – A slideshow can consist of generally up to 6 images rotating at a controlled speed depending on the images and if there is any text to read with them. They are great on a Home page as they tend to hold a visitors interest which is the primary aim when someone first lands on your website. They are also an asset on your services pages so that when a page is opened relating to one particular service, we can load a few photos that show examples which again, holds the visitors interest. All this helps to convert a visitor into a client.

Videos – Almost 90% of web users watch videos online. You can have one which can either be as a Header style or off to the side with a smaller image with the option to click and play. You may want to have a page of ‘Helpful Video Tips’ to hold people on your website and avoid them going away to research your service then forgetting how they found your website … lost! As you can imagine, videos are a strong hook to keep visitors on your website and at the same time, tell them what you can do. However, videos can cost a bundle and can generally just start around the $1000 to $2000 mark (we see one local site that charges an astounding $20 per second for whiteboard video which is $1200 for 1 minute)! Mainsites can give you an offer which is well below that. We will have a video developed from the images you send plus use our licensed library of images (or, it can be all our images if you prefer) and we will throw in sound for good measure – our total design, development, production and upload to your website is included in the fee. Here are some video examples;

Standard Video Example

Testimonial Video

Whiteboard Video

Additional Options

There are a variety of other options available we can offer and too many for us to list so if there is something in particular that you have seen and would like to get a price to have it on your website, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we will discuss it in more detail with you and provide a firm quote for same.