This unique calculator will allow you to create your own quote then make as many adjustments as you like to get to the price you want to pay.

All of our website styles start with a base of 3 pages (eg; Home / Services / Contact Us) and from there you can add options/features as you go through the 5 easy steps below;

  1. Complexity Style: Using the ‘Click & Slide’ button select the Complexity Style you would like. As you slide across the page, you will get an explanation for each style as you slide over the different design options.  If you require a more detailed description on the items, please Click Here.
  2. Pages: The base website already has 3 pages and if you require more, simply slide the button across the Pages Slider to select how many pages you would like.
  3. Email Address: It is recommended to utilise emails at your website name. This provides a professional image together with promoting your website every time you hand out your email address. Click & Slide to select how many emails you would like us to set up for you at your Website (eg;
  4. Options & Features: Simply go through and click/unclick the features you would like to add to your website. Hovering your mouse of each feature will show a description window. Should you require further information on what the options are, please Click Here
  5. Development Cost: As you make your selections, the development costs will calculate your total below. To adjust the price, simply add/delete to your selections.

Options - Select the customisation you would like
Links - Increase visitor interest with your website interaction and social content.
Photos - Display photos and images to provide vibrant viewing experience.
Videos - Hold the visitors interest and get your message across - auto or manual start.
Self Managed - Manage your site with intermediate computer skills.
Shopping/Sales - Makes sales and generate invoices online.
Marketing - Marketing Services for Mainsites to manage - (*Recurring fees apply)
Management - Services for Mainsites to manage (*Recurring fees apply)
$ Recurring:
$ SMP $0.00 0.00

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